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A/N: I hope you enjoy this. I also decided to add the song i listened to while i wrote this. I've been writing it since about 2am... its now 3:32am. I mean its good considering that I'm half asleep. but anyway please vote and share!
Chanyeol stopped in his tracks and decided to turn around and face her. To his surprise, nothing about her had changed. Physically anyway. Her heart? thats a different story.
She may have become famous, but still dressed the same as before. She wore the big sweater Chanyeol gave her when she was in hospital and a pair of sweatpants. Her smile was just as bright as the day she sang in front of him before her first audition.
They stood there for a moment and no sudden movements were made. Chanyeol didn't move and rush towards her like he thought he would. But neither did she. They simply just...stood there. She starred at the rain washing over Chanyeol's face, that were in fact hiding his tears.
Noticing that he wasn't going to move anytime soon, she finally pulled him into a hug, snaking her free arm around Chanyeol's waist. Chanyeol's body stiffened at the sudden contact. His heart and mind were racing a mile a minute and he wasn't quite sure why.
Chanyeol thought that this was the feeling he was waiting for, the feeling of having her back in his arms again. That this would be the feeling that would finally release him from this hell he'd been living in for the past year.
But this wasn't it.
Having her wrap around him, he felt like he was being suffocated by her. Not physically, but mentally and emotionally. She finally let go when she realized that he wasn't hugging her back. She looked up into his eyes for some sort of answer as to why he wouldn't hold her. But all she got was a blank stare that refused to lock eyes with her.
"Chanyeol - Ah? Whats going on?"
He almost cringed at the sound of her voice. He began to feel sick on the spot. A voice that was once heaven to Chanyeol's ears, was now like venom pulsing through his veins. He thought her words would have been the antidote for his pain. But her words were now toxic.
"Baby? Are you okay?! You're worrying me. Look at me"
But Chanyeol didn't move a muscle. With his eyes still locked on the sight behind her she grabbed his chin and tilted it down to her eye level. Her touch felt like fire on his ice cold face. As if her touch caused him harm.
Once he looked at her, his vision became blurry with tears filled with no emotion. He didn't feel the same. He wasn't looking into the eyes of the girl he fell in love with years ago. He wasn't standing with the same girl he knew.
"Chanyeol, are you crying?"
It seemed that the more she spoke, the sicker he felt. Finally after a long silence from Chanyeol he managed to string some words together to someone justify his silence.
"I can't do this. I can't be with you right now. I have to leave."
It was as if nature understood the situation. A sudden lighting bolt lit the sky and a thunderclap cracked through Chanyeol's ears as he turned round and began to walk away from her.
"Chanyeol, please don't leave. i need yo-"
Her words were becoming quieter and quieter with distance gaining between them. It wasn't long until the only sounds that flooded Chanyeol's ears were rain, thunder and cars passing by. Which seemed to calm him more than her voice right now.
His mind became hazy as his breath quickened. He didn't know what to do.
He wanted to just break down and cry.
But there were no more tears left.
He wanted to scream.
But his voice was lifeless.
He felt like he couldn't breathe. It was as if being with her for those 10 minutes she had managed to suck up all the oxygen he had in his lungs to fuel her words. With hate, anger, and sadness pulsing through his veins
Chanyeol decided to run.
The rain drenching his clothing and splashing against his feet he just kept running. His mind began to run with him. Consuming him with negative and dark thoughts.
"why does love have to be like this?"
"should you just be alone?"
"love just isn't for you Chanyeol. face it"
"you're not made for anyone here"
"no one ever loved you"
He had been put in the situation he hated the most. Being stuck alone with his own mind. He hated where his thought would take him. He hated the dark corners of his mind. Running would only help him temporarily before they returned, but running was all he had.
Chanyeol knew he couldn't run from his mind, but he never stopped running. But he knew he would continue running until he thought he couldn't breathe or until he blacked out completely.
He didn't know where to.
He didn't know how long.
But all he knew is that he'd continue running until his thoughts had fade to black and he wasn't himself anymore.
wahhh omg i have been hit right in the feels 😒
It's like you could almost hear the exact moment when his heart broke into pieces! Tag me please!
I'm drowning in the feels
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