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Natsu is finally back! If you guys didn't know, Natsu and Happy went on a one year training and left Lucy behind. Gray and Juvia also went training and the rest of the Fairy Tail members split up. After a year, Lucy worked in the weekly sorcerer. She went to the Grand Magic Games to write about the number one guild in Fiore (I think I spelled it wrong). Anyways, Natsu came in and challenged the number one guild and Natsu made everyone in shock!
Check out the full episode here! Fairy Tail (2014) Episode 101... The Challenger!
Be careful to new watchers of spoiler alerts. I'm ok bc I watch and I've read the manga and have kodansha so I know way ahead but make sure to let people know if this is a new spoiler for people who are behind NAKAMA!! But I'm def stoked for this, burns the place down!!!
bro I'm not even at this episode yet but you HAAAD to put the video up. I just spoiled it for myself T^T sadness
Fuck yes lol I'm only 5 episodes away was worried lmfao
nah you're good. yesterday was the first episode of the new arc
you should at least warn us about spoilers, glad I only read the beginning
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