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Who is all going to the bap concert in Dallas?!?! I'm going! And thinking about maybe meeting up with fellow bap fans for dinner before the show?
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yas my sister and I are flying from Puerto Rico but would love to meet up with others..@LunaCordero haven't forgotten about you and your family jaja
2 years ago·Reply
@IsoldaPazo haven't forgotten you either my kids are excited to meet more Babies!
2 years ago·Reply
Well would we like to enjoy some Korea food then? @IsoldaPazo @LunaCordero @Kitty17
2 years ago·Reply
@StephersTaylor just give us a time and place to meet up and I'll let my kids know
2 years ago·Reply
Okay I'll get it all figured out and let you know!@LunaCordero
2 years ago·Reply