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You aren’t sure what is going on and are positive he’d be mad if you went to see what was up. You pull the door open just a bit to see if you can sneak across the hall to your room. Unfortunately, the hall light is on, your bedroom door open, and two very unhappy men are standing in front of it. You back up, about to close the door when you hear your name. Is there any harm in a little eavesdropping?
Junsu stands angry and confused across from an angry and distressed Do-yun. The door beeps and Joon-yoo comes running in, stopping short at the two men.
“What’s going on? The alarm was pushed.” He asks as he repeatedly looks between the two men.
“That’s what I’d like to know,” Junsu begins. “I shut the cameras off tonight but heard an intruder. I turned the cameras on to find him,” he points at Do-yun, “going into the guest room.”
Do-yun has the bridge of his nose between his thumb and forefinger, he’s trying to control his temper. “I told you boss, I thought the alarm went off.”
“I only pressed the alarm when I saw you.”
Do-yun suddenly looks over at Joon-woo; “What are you doing here? Where’s Seon-Ki?”
“My ‘emergency’ wasn’t one, I’m now thinking it was a decoy. I came back as soon as I figured it out. I don’t know where he is. When I walked in I saw all the monitors blinking the alarm and ran straight in here.”
“Where’s the girl?” Do-yun finally asks.
At the same time Joon-woo and Junsu respond, “She’s with me you don’t need to worry about her.” “She’s in his room.”
At Joon-woo’s comment Junsu looks over at him.
“When you hit the alarm boss, ALL the cameras turn back on remember? She’s wrapped in your cardigan and standing by the door.”
Junsu turns back to Do-yun, “Both of you wait for us in the living room,” and heads back to his bedroom.
You step back from the door as you hear him coming. He finds you standing and staring into the fireplace.
Coming up behind you, he wraps you in his embrace; “I’m sorry, did we wake you?”
You shake your head and turn in his arms, “No, a noise did but you weren’t in bed.”
He smiles, brushes your hair behind your ear and kisses your forehead. “We have a little thing we need to resolve. Go get dressed and I’ll meet you in the living room.”
You nod and head to the door but just as you go to step through Junsu calls out, “Turn the camera off in your room.”
After you’re dressed you put his cardigan back on; for some reason you just know that the added comfort of wearing something of his will be needed. As you enter the room, all the men stand up and you can tell the tension is high. Junsu holds his hand out to you and you walk over to his side.
“What’s going on?”
“That’s what we need to figure out. We can’t locate Seon-Ki, has he ever acted ‘strange’ around you?”
“He’s always really cold to me. I just figured that was him, I don’t see him as much as Do-yun and Joon-woo.”
“It doesn’t make sense, why would he lie to me about the silent alarm?”
“You didn’t notice the screens weren’t on?”
“Honestly? You’ve never pushed a silent alarm, just that thought and the reason your both here? No, I didn’t look at the screens, I ran out the door.”
A thought suddenly occurs to Joon-woo, “You said he busted into the practice room earlier when you two were in there with the camera off?”
You can feel your face starting to burn at the memory. Junsu’s arm tightens around you as he nods.
“Then you shut off ALL the cameras in the penthouse.” He looks over at Do-yun, “You came in when you thought there was an alarm, which caused the boss to push the silent alarm. What happens when he sets that off?”
Do-yun’s eyes get alarmed and he looks over at you, “All the cameras in the house turn on.”
Realization dawns on you and you suddenly feel like you’re going to throw up. “So whoever was in the security room saw me in Junsu’s bed and saw me get out to cover up?”
Junsu lets out some very colorful words; turns you into him and starts smoothing your hair to calm you down.
“Boss,” Do-yun starts but Junsu shakes his head and just sighs, “We’re both at fault.”
The roiling in your stomach can’t be contained any longer, a panic attack is coming. You pull out of his arms and run down the hall to bathroom.
Sometime between the throwing up and crying uncontrollably, Junsu quietly walks in and holds your hair back for you. When it switches to dry heaves, he leaves to get a wet washcloth and a glass of water. He kneels in front you; gently begins wiping your face of tears and has you take a drink. You don’t know which is more humiliating to you, the fact that someone watched you in a private moment again or that Junsu is witnessing your panic attack.
He helps you to your feet, flushes the toilet, and puts your toothbrush in your hand. You dutifully try to brush your teeth but the shakes have started. Taking the toothbrush back he turns your face and kisses you. Taking you by the hand he leads you back to his room.
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wow that's pretty smart of the stalker, how did he even know about the silent alarm turning on all the cameras, wow not your average stalker lol