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Their favorite Hamburger Stand..poor Panda!! you will know why Hyungs are all on him... there is reason for his punishment!!! bad Panda!!! Daesung is on the top this time!!! Yeah!!!
GD gone bad on Panda... During Seungri’s push-up challenge, he joked “I m not tired. I m young. All hyungs are old!”. Then GD sat on him, making him fall, and all the members jumped on, making a Hamburger stand!!!
He is in pain...
Taeyang doing great!!!
When TOP can't do it... During the limbo challenge, Daesung jumped on TOP (as if to make a Hamburger stand), but instead T.O.P jokingly turn around and then kicked Daesung in the butt.
When TOP can!!!
Time when I am jealous of being TOP... also jealous of being GD!!!!! During GD and T.O.P’s turn to guess the dance move, T.O.P felt GD and "accidentally happen" heheehee. ...touch....him in between the legs.  
@lilbr0wneyes Yes... I know... I know...😤😤😤😤
@michellerosa.... I m so bad at tagging people...😅😅😅😅
@lovetop it's ok no one's perfect
T.O.P is the biggest dork of them all!!!
omg this is the best!
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