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You walk with them; laughing, talking and playing around. But something about Namjoon keeps bothering you. He gives you "the stare" every few seconds until the eye contact is broken by a very annoyed Min Yoongi, the guy who kept smiling at you since you walked up to them. Still, they never told you what caused them to leave their home; was it a fight?, family fight?. All these questions and thoughts were interrupted when Namjoon's hand goes to touch your shoulder. "Are you ok?" "Yes, but... really... what made you guys leave home?, was it a family issue that made you guys escape?" "Um, well, not exactly a family fight but more of an abusive fight. Our dad was fighting with our mom for whatever it was this time and sometimes they just fight for something stupid. My mom is strong though, she always keeps her head up and firm..... she doesn't take shit from him that easily and her patience has a small limit to the point where she will smack him across the face and yell at him. Sometimes I wonder... if, perhaps, things like this wouldn't happen. That maybe it's all just a dream and that nothing happened between them and that we're sitting in the living room spaced out and it was all.... well, a dream." "I'm sorry to hear that and maybe that's just what it is... a dream where we're all thinking and enriching ourselfs with the wonders of life that are not to come yet or already did. There's a very special quote I always loved that I read from a website: "Life has many ways of testing a person's will, either by having nothing happen at all or by having everything happen all at once". When you think about it, maybe that quote shows what life really is about.... expecting the unexpected." "You are a very interesting person (A/N), not to mention that you're very smart.... it's cute." Namjoon gives you a sweet eye smile as his arm leaves your shoulders making you feel cold behind your neck. You blush at his saying and try your best not to smile. He quickly notices and chuckles at your cute actions. You look over at the other guys who were still laughing and running around but one, Min Yoongi is staring at you and Namjoon with an annoyed expression. Feeling the aura of the moment was turning awkward between you and him, you stop smiling and walked forward finally reaching your house. The boys stare at the big house with open mouths. You giggle at their silly faces and open the door very carefully trying to not wake them up. You signal the brothers to not come in as it can draw attention and make you finally hear the words "you're grounded" from how angry your parents will be. The first thing you do is tip-toe to the key hanger to find the keys to the other home. You go in your room locking it and packing everything up; clothes, shoes, make-up, lotions, skin-care products and technologies. As you finish packing, you take the bags by your shoulders and the car keys. You walk outside, finding 7 grown men making loud noises and laughing their asses off. The each smile at you but are confused as to how you managed to leave so quickly without making any niose. You walk over to your car, open the doors and finally you're inside feeling free and able to explore the city far longer without any worry, not to mention with caring friends who you will be living with for a long time. It aches you to know their story, Namjoon's story, Min Yoongi's story, Jimin's story and so on. But Yoongi, him, he's going to be hard to get along with now.
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