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"Change all you want, or don't change at all. Your you no matter what"!! Take your despair and allow yourself to change your whole world and transcend into a new being that goes beyond words into a world of hope and love and belief!! That perfect person comes shining in like a star to help you when you least expect it and think you'll just go on living dealing with your despair until your see their eyes and everything changes to color and transcends beauty beyond words into your own world that you created on your adventure together!! Anime is life!! NAKAMA 4 life!! This will be a card I will probably continue to edit as I binge Your Lie In April multiple times to burst into tears but to really reach those emotions that can't be touched in any other way!! I hope people keep up with this I will probably just post more and more Your Lie in April cards to inspire and bring forth the beauty inside all of us!!
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Ep17 and im drowning
@lacords1993 hang on!! It's a truly despairing turn of events but in the end hope towards a future will come. Such a beautiful anime one you'll truly never forget!!
nakama you lied to me i thought she was going to live and to make matters worse i knew she loved him.....bah my heart is really warm and broken im drowning in tears......its so beautiful waaaaah @LuffyNewman
@lacords1993 I meant that he finds hope!! I couldn't ruin the ending saying for sure what happens. Don't wanna say too much for ppl to read n possibly Spoil it. But it's an amazing and prob one of if not the most feels anime ever!!
@LuffyNewman True but it still hurt 😞