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Crazy Buying Spree on Gmarket!

Sooo I went just a lil bit crazy on Gmarket last week and surprise! my stuff is here already! I seriously wasn't expecting this for like another week or two but yay I'm so happy right now! ^U^ So here's what I bought: EXO's Second Box DVD (i've been eyeing this for months), EXO PLANET #2 THE EXO'luXion IN SEOUL DVD (i have #'s 1 & 2 now!), EXO A Day In EXOPLANET coloring book (i bought 2... one to color in and one to keep pristine. i know i'm weird don't look at me like that!), and BONUS I got an EXO mouse pad with the DVDs!
OH MY CHEEZUS YOU GUYS THE COLORING BOOK IS SOO ADORABLE!! There's actually a lot more pages than I thought there were going to be. Also it's not the cheapy stuff either. The pages are a nice smooth heavy-weight paper and the covers are a nice thicker cardstock like paper with a nice silky texture to it. The artist in me is pleased they didn't cop-out and go with a flimsy cheap light-weight paper for all of it. And it was only like $11 something on Gmarket for one book! ANYway sorry I just had to share my excitement with someone so I had to post about it! I know I've been M.I.A for awhile, promise I'll make a card soon explaining why!, but I'm pretty much back now so YAY! Thanks again bunnies!
That coloring book looks amazing!
Lol. I woulda bought 3! 1 to tear up and make copies of.
DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD there is SO MUCH TO COLOR DAT DETAIL that is so cool!! I am excited and happy that you got to get yo EXO swag on lady! 😁❤️😁❤️😁❤️😁
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Christmas Announcement 🎄
December 13th marks the beginning of my favorite time of year. A time for romance..... Passion and Christmas/ themed stories The Countdown to Smutmas Begins! Smutmas countdown Starts Dec.13th and will end the 25th! Everyone is welcome to join in All fanfiction is welcome as long as the main focus is smut! This is when the freaks come out people! Make sure to include the community that the fanfiction involves ( for ex. Kpop, Jay park, etc.) Make sure the +18 tag is added onto the title Remember to have fun. I want to make it known that this is not a contest so there won't be winners but it's a great opportunity to show off your writing skills. Even if you don't participate I hope you'll read, comment and clip participating writers stories and give them lots of encouragement! We're all about positivity and polite constructive criticism. Meanies are Wiennies! So.... are you ready ? Then get to writing that freaky shit we like! and remember! Boss Squad: @royalpandajedi @Fromblue2u @Queenpandabunny @marrickej33 @BBxGD @Starbell808 @MelissaGarza @liyahboon Fans: @elishafisher @JaxomB @EXOahjummafan @StefaniTre @Yugykookie97 @dalenalw @Mochiroon KISS Squad @BabydollBre, @QueenyCrossGene, and @BTSMicDrop Lip glosses @EXOahjummafan @Starbell808 @QueenPandaBunny @divanicola05 @MelindaL @MelissaGarza @yugykookie97 Shall we date Kpop? @royalpandajedi @ElishaFisher @WinKonVIP @lexxcisco @BtsXExo @Starbell808 @KoizuniHime19 @Msloyalheart @kpopanime45 @Kandle779 @MaritessSison @Elizabeth1234