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I have been tagged by so many people to do this so here it is! XD Let us start with younger photos to more present ones!
The beginning ones are from my Senior Photos last year in High School
I also don't take many pictures....SO....lets go to more recent ones XD
And here is my most recent one...(Yesterday to be exact lol) SOME FACTS ABOUT ME: I am 5'6 (Shortest in my family lol) I am Hispanic (Believe or not!) I play the flute (I have for 8 years!) I also don't like taking too many pictures but sometimes I don't mind it XD I LOVE Running Man (Monday Couple ALL THE WAY!) I have 2 younger brothers (I am the oldest) I work at a Whole Foods Market (And I recently won Outstanding Team Member! I am also the youngest on the team by like...4 years lol) I am a hard worker (sometimes I overwork myself) I am a HUGE gamer! (I love the Mario Party Games and story games like the Walking Dead, Until Dawn, Amnesia, and many others!) I am OBSESSED with Game of Thrones and Walking Dead (Glenn is BAE) I am outgoing at times but when I have off days I just like to lay around the house doing absolutely nothing lol I have a very close knit group of friends (most of them are asian XD) I also care a lot for all of my friends and I would do almost anything for any of them (even put people in my *special place*) I want to become and Elementary School Teacher and maybe even teach one day in Korea!!! I am also absolutely CRAZY when I am with friends...like those people you stare at in public lol And lastly, I am a hardcore Kpop Addict! XD That is mainly it...so who would you guys ship me with?!?
MAN NICKHUN IS FINE. And yes, Latinas for life *High fives @Jinnyrod3*
have i even been tagged to do this, I wonder? anyways you look great and I ship you with nickhun from 2pm
YASSS. *High fives @JincyAbraham *
I played the flute and I'm Hispanic, Latinas 4life
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