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Here is the insight scoop, Zion.T's  three-year contract has ended with Amoeba Culture and he will now be with YG Entertainment. Here is what Amoeba Culture had to say:  “Hello. This is Amoeba Culture. After spending three years together, Zion. T’s exclusive contract with Amoeba Culture expired on April 9, 2016. During that time Amoeba Culture and Zion. T had a relationship beyond simply being just an agency and an agency artist. We relied on each other, made good music, and spent happy moments together. Thus we feel sorry and regretful. However, we respect Zion. T’s decision and desire to have more widespread music related promotions and to develop a new business model, so we have decided to go our separate ways. Although we cannot be in the same place together, Amoeba Culture will always support Zion. T’s new challenge as he enters a new environment and unfamiliar field in order to fulfill his dreams. We ask you to cheer on and support Amoeba Culture and Zion. T. Thank you.” Soompi, 2016 Here is the link/Sources for more information: If you really think about, I think that he wants to expand his music more and try new things.
Do you think that Zion.T will fit well with YG? Do you think he will be more popular? Tell us your thoughts on this. -Happy Saturday! ❤ - Reporter Taemi @parktaemi
I honestly have mixed feelings about this. CrushT (btw was there ever an official ship name for them?) has broken up 😭😭. Apparently Crush has even deleted all pics of Zion T off his instagram. I love Zion T and I love YG so I hope all goes well for him but I also hope that his friendship with Crush is still ok
@JustinaNguyen it would be really sad if crush and haesol stopped being friends because he's under a new label. I'm happy Zion. T is part of YG's subunit I just hope this doesn't affect his and crush's relationship.
Zion T, welcome to YGFamily! ♡ I think he made a good decision... YG is very capable of expanding his musical views and they will probably be able to advertise more comfortably (NOT to say Amoeba Culture can't do that). Plus, this is an amazing platform for such a great artist like Zion. T. I just hope he doesn't get put into the YG dungeon. Papa YG, please treat him well!
@juliavip no one really knows if anything happened between them. it's just now that Zion. T left amoeba culture everyone automatically brought crush into the topic and we're constantly bothering about what he thought and if he was mad and if he was gonna leave amoeba culture because Zion. T left. and just recently he deleted the majority of his instagram pics and all the pics on Zion. T on his instagram are gone so everyone is worried that crush is taking this hard or if he's angry with Hae Sol because he left and generally everyone is worried they aren't close anymore.
from my point of view Zion .t seemed close with YG ARTISTs so I feel like he made a good decision. #WELCOMETOTHEFAMHAESOLOPPA
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