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Being an astronaunt is cool, but it comes with it's sacrifices.
Living in space is cool, but you also spend a lot of time away from family and friends. Another complaint is the lack of quality food that they get. NASA is very particular in the items that go out, which means a very limited range of items you can eat while in space.
NASA wanted to do something nice for Tim Peake, an astronaut who’s currently at the International Space Station.
So the company made him an exclusive sandwich. The cost: 2.8. million.

Heston Blumenthal, who is a Michelin-starred chef, designed it. He decided to can the dish, because of food-safety concerns, as well as to preserve the taste and texture. The whole process of making this sandwich took two years.
In a long article for The Guardian, Blumenthal described the red tape that the sandwich had to cut through:
“Space food is very, very controlled,” says Blumenthal. “All this red tape! You’ve got to get [each dish] past the UK Space Agency. Then the European Space Agency. Then NASA. And the people in these organizations who are involved with food, they’re… they’re engineers.” Not chefs, he means. Not gourmands. “They consider food to be fuel, basically. A lot of freeze-dried stuff. Tins. Pouches. I was shown these packets from the ISS [International Space Station] with big Russian writing on the front. Stuff that looked like you shouldn’t be putting it in your body at all.”
These guys must've had a lot of love in their hearts for Peake. Can you imagine spending two years of your life prepping a sandwich for space?

The ultimate sandwich! The freshest sandwich! The God sandwich!👽
@Animaniafreak I think so. Just the all-around production/operation cost. At least that's what it looks like to me.
why the 2.8 million? It's not just the food cost but the operation cost in total?
ok but how did it taste?
Ahh!! A gigantic sandwich!