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Grandparents are one of the world's greatest pleasures that many people don't get to enjoy. A lot of people lose their grandparents when they are young, or live to far away from their grandparents to enjoy their company.
The wisdom that grandparent's often have is a rare treasure. I've learned that their are certain things in life you only learn with experience, and grandparent's have plenty of that.
Recently, a girl got on Twitter to share a heartfelt moment she shared with her grandfather. Her Papaw, who had cooked hamburgers for his apparently very ungrateful five other grandchildren who could not be bothered to show up
"dinner with papaw tonight...❤️ he made 12 burgers for all 6 grandkids and I'm the only one who showed. 😢 love him."
The web caught wind of this moment and it went viral in hours.
Since it's release the photo grabbed over 50,000 rewteets and nearly 100,000 “likes” less than 24 hours.
I mean, who doesn't show up for free burgers and a chat with their grandparents? I doubt this is an everyday thing, so once in a blue moon won't kill anyone.
Let this photo serve as a reminder to those still lucky enough to have grandparents to appreciate them while you can.
All of my grandparents are dead. I wish I could of had more time with them. I'd kill to b able ttyl speak to them now.... some ppl just don't understand how wonderful grandparents are... And that's sad.
My grammy lives in the middle of nowhere and I always make a point to find a way to spend a weekend with her as much as I can. Grandparents are so awesome! Glad he had one special grandchild show up though!
ppl are so bad! what would take them to go n see their grandpa n make his day? love u papaw!❤