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WARNING: Mature content

After he lies down for a minute or two he's back to normal; exhausted, but normal. He's up and putting his boxers back on. He watches as I dig through my suitcase for a shirt for me to sleep in, wearing nothing but my underwear. I at least have my arm across my chest; I'm still a little modest even after all that. He laughs a little. "That's pretty cute." "What is?" "Watching you do that. It just looks cute. What are you looking for?" "Clean shirt to sleep in, but I'm not sure what bag one would be in. I'm not too organized when I pack bags." "I bet you'd look pretty in mine." His voice sounds like he's talking to himself. I look back at him as he's sitting on the bed holding his shirt. "Maybe so, but that doesn't end my search for a clean shirt." He walks over and puts the shirt on my shoulders. "Just wear it." I give in to his odd request and put my arms through the sleeves. I stand up about to button it, but before I can, he's already doing it. He buttons a few so that it covers me but it's still loose. "Ah. I was wrong. You don't look pretty." He puts his arms around my waist and kisses me tenderly. When he removes his lips he lingers close for a second and whispers, "You look downright beautiful." I feel my cheeks blush a little. What is he doing? You don't do that in this situation. He's seriously not following protocol. He steps back and looks me up and down. "I like you wearing my shirt." "Why?" He sighs as he thinks. "Maybe it's because you look like you're mine and no one else's. Like I marked you as my own." I give him a weird look. "Is that so?" "Yep, but no matter the reason, you still look better in it than I ever did." "You're such a sweet talker." "What do you mean?" "You're a sweet talker, that's all. You know what to say to make a girl feel good. It's not particularly a bad thing." He shakes his head adamantly. "I'm not trying to sweet talk you. I'm just telling you the truth." I chuckle. "Really? Well, thank you then. You look pretty good yourself, half naked and sitting on my bed." "Know what would look even better?" "Let me guess. Are you about to say that you completely naked would look better?" "I wasn't, but I can't disagree." He winks, making me giggle. "Then what were you going to say?" "I was going to say it'd look better if you were next to me. So come on." He lies back putting his head on a pillow and pats the spot next to him. "And turn off the light, too." "You're bossy." I walk over to the light switch on the wall. "I know. You're still doing what I say though, so it must not bug you that much." I turn off the light and carefully maneuver myself through the dark room that has only a small amount of light coming from a window. When I'm practically next to the bed he turns his phone screen on to shed some light. "You got it?" "Thanks for the thought now that I'm right here." He laughs. "My bad." I get into bed and curl up under the sheets. Shortly after he puts his arm around me and pulls me closer. "Why are you over there when I'm right here." "Because I didn't know you wanted to cuddle?" "Well, yeah. If I didn't, then I'd have left already." "Are you planning on sleeping in here tonight?" "Pretty much." "That's fine." That's so strange. "But can I ask you something?" "Sure." "Do you do these things with every girl? It seems like it'd be a lot of work." "What things?" "You, in no way, acted like a guy usually does when he's looking for nothing more than a good time. You were sweet. Very intimate." "Oh." "You were slow and passionate about everything you did." "I was." "You put in a lot of effort to make sure we were both completely satisfied." "I did." "And now you want cuddle." He squeezes me a little. "I do." "That's just not typical. And for a guy who probably has plenty of one night stands, I feel like it'd be a hell of a lot of work." "It would be. You're right about all of it. I don't do this all the time. In fact, I've never done anything like this before tonight. Every other time I just got in and got out." "Then why would you do it now?" "Because I wanted to. I wanted to make you feel good. As for the being passionate and intimate; I just let myself go with the emotions I felt. I had never experienced that, so I didn't want to hold anything back. Plus, I wanted you to feel how I felt; because you were the one who brought those feelings out of me." He runs his fingers through my hair. "You know I wasn't even going to the bar tonight? I just heard you joking with that guy and thought you were cute; so I took my chance to get your attention. Little did I know, that you'd have no idea who I was." "I still don't really know who this J-Hope is." "You don't need to. You're the girl who's gotten to know Hoseok. If you want to know J-Hope you can just watch interviews, but I'd still prefer that you know the real me instead." "Me too." "The fact you didn't know me and I could be myself made me want to take advantage of that. Then I saw that you were talkative, nice, really funny, and laughed a lot. I'd never had such a good time with a girl at a bar." "I had fun too." "Between the bar, being loud and tipsy in the halls, and going back to your room to hangout, I did what normal twenty-somethings do. It felt natural and relaxed since you weren't starstruck. We came in here and we talked instead of just going straight for it. I honestly wanted to keep talking to you, that was my initial intention. What really got my attention though, is when you laughed in my face for trying to be romantic, and then you proceeded to call it lame." I laugh. "It was lame. It will always be lame." He laughs a little, sounding almost reminiscent. "Yeah, it was pretty lame. But you were so real. You treated me like just an average guy. So, average guy Hoseok was a little...smitten." "Smitten?" "Yes. When such a sweet girl was treating me as an equal, I got a little lost in the feeling. I forgot I was ever J-Hope." "And what do you feel now after everything." He sighs and nuzzles closer to me. "Content." I lean into his chest. This feels perfect. "That says a lot." "It was meant to. I don't talk or bother to know girls because they just see a celebrity. I definitely never cuddle with them. But with you I'm content, I'm comfortable, I don't have to hold up some persona." "I like you without a persona." "Me too. That's why even though it sounds ridiculous because we've just met, I'm so taken by you." "What happens now?" He kisses me. "Let's think about that in the morning. For now I'm dead tired and I'm sure you are too." "I'm not going to argue." He taps my nose. "Goodnight Boram." I giggle, what an odd guy. "Goodnight Hoseok."
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the sweet talk before the big douche move tat we all know is coming...great writing skills
Totally worth reading plus I think imma see Hoseok in a new light from here on 😍😍😍lol
@MadAndrea damn y'all like them Smuts 😂😂😂😂
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