The group that started my obsession. I listend to every single song they made, which lead to other other groups like Shinee, Ukiss, JYJ... etc.
The first album I ever bought. Still was a newbie to the kpop world, so I didnt know about the sub groups. Super Junior M. I didn't realize they were singing in Mandarin Chinese, I thought it was also Korean.... you can see how much I noticed the difference I did the same thing with a couple of Japanese songs Ukiss made.
made this card as a small game to see which kpop group drew everyone in.
SAME. Super Junior Mr. Simple was my first ever kpop song!!! 😄
@Lexxcisco there song Solo (I think it was the title?...) from the Tiwanese drama Skip Beat (Siwoon and Donghae acted in 😍) got me into super junior 😅