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Divorce can be a messy business.
For the kids involved, it's tough because their living situation is going to change forever. Financially, it's hard for both people involved, because of the claim of who has earned right to what.
While many feel it's only right for the person who doesn't have the kids living with them to help with expenses, the cost of "help" and perks of "maintaining a lifestyle the kids are used to" comes a bit hazy.
Recently, I caught wind of the most odd divorce settlement claims I have heard in a long time. Outside of this ladies demand for a 9k allowance for Uber, she has also asked for $15K worth of wine as part of a hedge fund child support settlement.
The judge in this case seems puzzled that Veronica Antonio is asking for such expensive wine as part of a child support settlement, as the child in question is 7 years old, and doesn’t or at least shouldn’t drink wine.
“The child is aged seven and does not consume the wine,” the judge reminded us in his ruling. But because even the courts in England are more civilized, he said that in his approach, he does “still allow a significant figure for wine.”
At the moment, Business Insider claims that Christopher Rokos is still on the hook for an annual payment just over $15K of wine each year as part of a child support payment. This also includes 7k for swim lessons.
This kid is seven. Who is she paying 7k for swim lessons? Michael Phelps?
This is extremely odd, don't you think? Should this guy be on the hook to supply her 15k a year for wine?
@sophiamor right makes me want to adopt that child...
@VeronicaArtino sounds like the family would be a mess either way, poor kid :(
@sophiamor I like wine but not that much plus I wouldn't let my child suffer from these ridiculous claims. it saddens me at these parents displays. I really hope the child doesn't have to get too much therapy
Oh my goodness at first I thought this article said "@veronicaartino" hah! in which case, I'd be asking her where the wine party is at!
(but also, i just hope the kid isn't too messed up by this whole ordeal :( )