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The first picture is of me when I was in Italy in 2001. The rest are of me and the loves of my life they are recent. I don’t like taking pictures of myself because I’m not photogenic and I have very low self-esteem.
I prefer darker hair color’s such as black and purple on me, I’m a natural blonde. My favorite color is Purple.
I’ve been into Kpop for 3 years, I love music and I’m constantly looking for new artists to fall in love with. I love movies, anime, and cartoons. I’m really immature but I can be adult when needed. I’ve been a fan girl my whole life, because I’m older and a lot of the people I like are younger than me, I find myself being the protective motherly type of fan. But there are times when they are being too sexy and I forget about age and drool over sexy idols. And when I find someone I can properly fan girl over someone who is older than me or around the same age as me I get super excited and go back to them after going crazy over the younger ones. It’s my way of keeping myself in check.
I love to try new things, I like cooking thing’s I’ve never tried before. I will try anything at least once. I’m pretty open minded and I can be very liberal. I have a lot of odd fetishes. I love vampires, anything that has to do with the super natural. I’m a hopeless romantic goth. I am very attracted to Asian males; I’m also attracted to other races. I love/hate everyone equally, and what I mean by that is I don’t judge by appearance, beliefs, or sexual orientation, I judge by actions and how your personality is. I love animals, I have dogs and cats. I love cats the most.
I’m shy at first and open up as I become comfortable in my surroundings and people I am with. I love to observe people, human behavior interests me. I also have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. I am a very loyal honest person. I tend to trust people and if they hurt or betray me later they lose it and getting it back is very hard to do. It’s my flaw I think.
I consider myself a student for life because I want to learn everything, I am currently working on learning Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. I’ve been to Great Britain, and Europe. When I visited Italy, Greece, and France (airport) it bothered me because I couldn’t speak with the natives and so that was my main motivation for learning languages because I want to visit these places and I want to be able to speak with natives.
I can’t draw to save my life, but I do doodle, mostly eyes or odd faces. I also ramble a lot I have ADD so yeah. Even though I suck at it I like to write, I have a very active imagination and I always write down my dreams because they can be so weird I have a full notebook on my dreams.
I'd probably say B.A.P's Moon Jongup
exo kris :)