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Park Jimin is a very attractive person, so it is always a real treat when he posts a selca! In appreciation of those special times, we shall admire them right here and now!
First he is just cute and sweet.
And then he uses his eyes to suck you in.
And then you are trapped.
He always looks so great in black and white.
In all honesty, I believe this is the first time I have seen this picture without the tattoos and facial piercings. Haha! He looks good either way. 😝
Classic mirror selca. (He looks really nice in that shirt by the way)
He does not even need make-up. His eyes and skin are so flawless.
Do you see that arm right there peeking into the photo? That is a nice arm.
Okay. We need to talk about Jimin's profile. I love Jimin's profile so much. The bump on his nose just drives me crazy. His jawline is so perfect. Somehow, his lips look even more plump from the side and I just really cannot take it. I watch MVs and other videos of him and just hope that he turns to the side so I can admire his beautiful face from my favorite angle. You should see me when I watch the "Danger" MV: I will rewind that part at the beginning where they show his profile over and over again. I think I have a problem.
Yeah...Park Jimin is pretty nice everyone...
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Ommo my heartu. Jimin don't steal my jams😁😍