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many things have been happening such as school and my phone being broken sooooo.....this story is way over due.
Previously, Mark decided to leave Got7 for a while and asked Jackson to come along with. Mark however lies to Jackson about a schedule that Got7 has in order to avoid him. Unbeknownst Mark, Jackson is actually willing to leave the group with him! However Jackson is angered to find out that Mark his very best friend lied to him. The person who told him it was a lie was JB. Jackson ended up being yelled by JB who happens to be Jacksons crush!! Now Jackson is intent on Avoiding Mark until his Bestie apologizes or else.
Chapter 2 Begin Jackson stormed into the Got7 dorm and threw his duffle bag on the couch. Huffing his way back to his room snatching his towel, washcloth, and toothpaste and stormed into the bathroom. Letting the steamy shower dampen his dry hair Jackson punched the tiled wall of the shower. What the Hell is Marks problem anyway? He has been ignoring since asking me to leave the group with him. Which he most definitely wasn't going to do now. He forgives Mark but whatever Marks issue was he coulsve just talked to Jackson instead of being immature. And what JB said to him stung his chest likw hell. " I can't believe you would let him fool you, I thought you were smarter than that Jackson, i let go of the dumbshit that you do...." The dumbshit he was refereing to was all his antics to get JB's attention.....He just wanted JB to notice him. not to be "Annoying as Hell" as JB put it. Tears welled in Jackson eyes giving into the fustration that he was feeling. His friend was acting like a Jackass for no apparent reason and JB wouldn't even try to listen to his explanation about those antics. Jackson sinks onto the shower floor letting his emotions take over. "What did i ever do to deserve this"....tears pour out and noisy whimpers bounce around the bathroom walls..... Marks Pov Mark walked down the cold night streets procrastinating to get home because he knew Jackson was there. And goinf back now would defeat the purpose of avoiding him. Its his fault that he fell for Jackson. Its his fault that he didnt nip his feeling in the bud. Mark stops walking, his vision being burned by the salted tears forming in his eyes. Mark had went over his feelings for Jackson more times then a person could count in his head. He tried to imagine Jackson rejecting him in the cruelest ways not that it helped any. Mark would end up day dreaming about them having sex, hot and heavy bodies pressed together and questionable noises bouncing ofd of the walls. He's pathetic because he knows Jackson isnt into men, the song Girls Girls Girls was for a reason. He wipes his eyes and decides to keep walking because he really shouldnt be crying at night in "that" part of the city. Ultimately he decides to call Taehyung and sleep over at their dorm. Thank gosh they were sorta chill with eachother since Bangtan and Got7 talk alot. "Yah. Hyung do you mind if Mark hyung stays over tonight?" His guess is that the maknae is talking to Rap Mon for his guess to be corrected when he hears Namjoons voice filter through the phone. "Hey Mark. Don't you guy's have schedules?" Yes... "Yeah but it's okay i mean i can leave early tommorrow." He hears Rap Mon sigh on the other end of the phone. "Is this about you lying to Jackson? look you can stay over the night but you should talk to him instead of running away like a punk". Before Mark has time to reply to Namjoon, V is back on the phone complaining about Jimin taking some chips from him or whatever.....and maybe just maybe Mark is willing to see Jackson glare at him to avoid Tae complaining about the chips for the rest of the night. JB's Pov "He What?!" JB had just gotten home from practice 2 hours later than the other members to discover that Mark had slept over at The BTS dorm. "He said he wanted to be alone for the moment so he went over there " Yugyeom said trying to avoid JB gaze. "and Jackson?" Yugyeom moved his phone up to his face so JB wouldn't be able to his facial expression. "In his room, but he locked the door, probably to keep Mark out". Pounding and Yelling profanities out of his mouth, JB ordered Jackson to open his door. Jackson thankfully complies before JB knuckles are raw but he doesnt loom into JB's Gaze and walks away to lay on his bed again. "Jackson why are you behaving like this?" Jackson finally looks at JB having eyes full of emotion. Full of pain. "Why am i being like what? Im not annoying you to much right now" Ouch. "Look i apologize for what i said earlier, it was rude but it was true Jackson, you play around to much, could you be serious for at least omce, especially when we are in public places like the airport, or when we are doing the dances for....look im not saying that you have to become like-".... "You. Im sorry JB that im not as boring and dull as you are, i like to have fun, and i dont know if you've noticed but im obviously not in a good mood right now so could you fuck off thanks." "Jackson...." "Get out i dont want to talk to you right now." " So what are you just gonna shut me out like you are Mark?" "Ill forgive Mark once he apologizes and you....if you really knew how i felt about you, you wouldn't say that, Now get out". JB patience was wearing thin but he knew Jackson was still hurt from what he said earlier apology or not. "Fine." Marks POV Tae is still rambling about those stupid chips...and Mark really doesnt care , they have 30 more bags of chips but Tae says its the principle of the situation. Every question Tae ask Marks politely responds with "Mhm" good thing Mark doesnt talk to much. Jimin walk in to the room a cellphone in hand grinning triumpantly , probably about those damn chips. "Mark hyung JB is on the phone and he wants to talk to you. " Great all he needed right now. "Fine." Mark took the phone and just in time because Tae looked like he was about to punch triumpant Jimins smile off of his face. "Anyeong." "Would you talk to Jackson and apologize tommorrow, if you two get into a fight it could affect the group." "I already told you no im not apologizes until he does now if you excuse me i was having fun." Not really but Jimin And Tae arguing is more interesting than talking to JB and Jaebum will probably Kill him tommorrow foe hanging up on him but oh well, for right now he can watch Jimin and Tae wresle it out while Jin tries to mediate in vain.
CHAPTER OVERVIEW This chapter is Crappy but it shows some people reaction to MarkSon having tension towards eachother.....looks like JB is about to be Jin in the next chapter....