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Hello fellow Vinglers!
Today is one of the biggest games of the year, as the Golden State Warriors take on the San Antonio Spurs.
This is a battle of the two top teams record wise in the NBA. This one is set to be a gem!!
Just 17 teams in NBA history have captured at least 65 wins in a single regular season. Both teams are on pace to hit that mark this year.
The Spurs deep bench and star laden starting lineup make them one of the hardest teams to beat in the league. They execute in the half court and defend at a high level.
The Golden State Warriors are one of the most explosive offensives of all time. Point guard Stephen Curry is playing at an unreal level right now. They share the ball and push it in transition with amazing tempo.

Who do you have coming out on top in this one?

Yo.....did you guys all watch the game? It was one of the best games ever!!!!!!
I would say warriors just because I like them lol