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I got TOP hug me Bc we are married馃槀馃槏 what did you get?
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@Mrskyungsoo aweeee T.O.P is my #1 but idk all the othe 4 members be trying to take his position especially Gd omg me too! he raps so good and im just like wahhhhh 馃槏
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Me neither I always ask myself that I mean all of them sing good but T.O.P omg he rap amazing馃挅馃挅 @Mrskyungsoo
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@Mrskyungsoo ikr its so sad he will be enlisting in the military soon 馃槩 i dont think ill be able to live without this bingu top 馃槩
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Same here 馃槥 @JackieG1617
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Seungri and I got to Paris together because I'm his wife
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