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Bees, which contribute more than $15 billion to the U.S. economy, are dying out. Scientists in Australia have gone as far as putting microchips on bees’ backs in order to figure out why they’re dropping dead in such large numbers.
Honey Nut Cheerios is a product that is obviously effected by this issue. Rather than sit on the sidelines like many product creators do though, they have devised a program to give back to bugs that have given so much to them.
Earlier this week, they released a video to help spread awareness to the bee issue and discuss their program that will help solve the problem.
The video above is apart of a campaign to give away and plant 35 million wildflower seeds in Canada, as Honey Nut Cheerios’ YouTube page informs us. They’re doing this in hopes of creating “a more bee friendly habitat.” You can get wildflower seeds at

This is pretty cool right?

A lady who studies bees came to my school an delivered a TED talk and it was honestly the scariest thing ever. We need bees so much! even though they are small they are so important for our environment!!
I'm getting myself some honey nut cheerio this weekend!