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So I found Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash recently. Within two episodes I was hooked. I love the characters. I love the art. And the setting gives me a similar feeling to how the Aincrad arc of SAO made me feel. All in all,this anime has yet to disappoint me. I will admit it can get a little slower at points, but makes up for it with everything else. I'm curious as to your thoughts on it though?
@hikaymm That could be it also 😅
@Alcides13 more like i have 0 patience so I can't wait week to week and need to binge it once its out :P
I plan on watching it once it's all released
I love it a lot!
I personally thought this was a great anime. You could say it was slow but I enjoyed the slow parts. During those times we got to experience more of the character's lives, their emotions, and how they coped with being thrown into this strange, new, drastic world. Slower pacing meant more time to spend with the characters, which was essential. There aren't too many anime that made me feel so emotionally connected with the characters like Grimgar. Thank you.
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