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Hey guys, back with more fantasy baseball news to help you prepare for your upcoming drafts!
For the past 6-7 years, Miguel Cabrera has been a fantasy baseball god. He has amazing bat speed and power. He also has great discipline and range in regards to hitting, which allows him to spray the ball everywhere. His ability to maintain a good average while delivering power have made him the top guy in countless drafts.
Last year, we saw a bit of a drop. He missed 40 games which cause his numbers to plummet. He's also 32 years old.
Is he still one of the elite fantasy baseball players this year?
In 2015, Cabrera posted a statline of 19 HR, 76RBI while hitting 338.
While Miguel did miss 40 games, his numbers were still very solid. His average of 338 was spectacular as well. The Tigers have also done a great job surrounding him with talent. Ian Kinsler and new addition Justin Upton will force teams to pitch at Miguel more often this year. The end result should be a monster RBI total in 2016.
The biggest question health. Can Miguel stay on the field for 160 games? How many days off will he get? Will the team switch him over to DH to save his legs some? These are all important questions. Probably too many to ask for a guy you are taking with a top 3 pick in a draft.
1st base is also a position rich in talent. While it's hard to envision someone taking Jose Bautista over Miguel, I don't think anyone is reaching by taking Andrew McCutchen, Mike Trout or Bryce Harper over him.

Is Miguel Cabrera still a top 5 fantasy baseball player? If so, where do you rank him overall?

You know what? I'll take Posey over Miguel Cabrerea and I'm serious. I'm not just saying this because I'm a Giants fan.
Top 5? Hell no!
Hmmm you're right but I also think Jose Bautista is going to put up monster numbers this year as well