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If you ever have a dream that you think is completely impossible, think again. This story about Chi Chi, an abandoned dog who had to get all of his paws amputated and is now becoming a therapy dog, will never make you think a dream is impossible again.

It's time to meet Chi Chi, the dog who persevered over everything!

Chi Chi had a rough start in life.

Chi Chi was found in a trash bag in South Korea near a black market dog meat trader. All of her legs were bound with wires and she was barely breathing, according to rescuers. After Chi Chi was rushed to the hospital, the hospital workers decided that the only way to save Chi Chi was to amputate all four of her paws.

Chi Chi loves life.

Chi Chi's quadruple amputation did not dampen her spirits. Just a day after her surgery, she began playing with toys. The group that rescued Chi Chi, Animal Rescue, Media & Education (also known as ARME), began posting Chi Chi's story on social media. The Howell family in the United States were taken with her story. They expressed interest in adopting Chi Chi. After a couple months in Seoul, Chi Chi was transported to Los Angeles. Amazing people from all over the world have donated to Chi Chi's fund on ARME's website to help get her the prosthetics, medications and physical therapy.

Chi Chi's new life in Los Angeles.

The Howell family picked up Chi Chi in L.A. and drove her back to their home in Arizona. The family plans to get Chi Chi certified as a therapy dog and plans to have her visit human amputees at hospitals to put a smile on their faces. You can keep up with Chi Chi's adventures on her Facebook page.
Watch this video to see Chi Chi in action: playing around and enjoying company with humans.

Keep doing amazing things, Chi Chi!

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What I love most about animals is that even they go through all this, they still just want love and to be able to run around. it's so inspiring to people, esp. me, I mean I have a hard time just getting out of bed.
@Animaniafreak I completely agree. It shows just how horrible humans can be to animals and how little some people value them. But, I'm glad that the dog has learned that not all humans are bad and that he can trust those that have his best interests in mind
This is a beautiful story, although it saddens me that the pup had to endure some of the worst act by humankind, it also reignit my faith seeing what follows, people working together tirelessly to save the pup and give him a better life. What amazes me the most is that the pup still trust and love people even after what he went through....
@nicolejb I know right! Haha I get so bummed if I get caught by a red light on the way to work and this dog had such a horrible thing happen to him and he is still so happy about life.