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So I bought these three things online a couple of days ago. A jimin sweater, bts ring, and a poster. What I hate about buying things online is that I get impatient, I just want them to get here already lol.
@CallMeMsDragon true it also depends where they're sending it from tbh I don't feel like it's that long a wait for the ones I bought to get here though it feels like it is because I keep checking and I should stop because that just makes it feel longer lol. I would've gotten a bts jacket but the ones I saw that I liked were dry clean only and I also felt like I wouldn't wear it as much because I'm more of a sweater/hoodie & cardigan type. I wanted to buy a shirt too but I'm indecisive so I just went with those three for now xD
@PassTheSuga really? Wow that's a long time. the day it says they're gonna get here is April 8 and the ring will get here April 12
Uuuggghh I feel you.....It took almost 2 months for me to get my BTS varsity jacket. Long enough for me to actually forget about it 😂
@CallMeMsDragon yeah same I was gonna get the V one but I kind of wanted it to have his real name either all of it Kim taehyung or taehyung not just V you know. Tbh I ended up buying the jimin one because of the year 95 xD so we're the same year I think I would get a different style of sweater or hoodie next time . There's just so many things