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Having a rough day? Feeling a little bit down? I promise and guarantee you that this card will make you feel so much better and will make you smile or laugh.

It's time to meet the arctic fox who laughs!

Watch this video! Now!

I promise you will smile or laugh while watching it.

Meet the arctic fox.

The arctic fox in that video is named Archer. Archer belongs to Kristina Shafer and she adopted him from a breeder in Indiana when he was a cub. You can keep up with Archer and all of his adventures on his owner's Instagram page. The specific video of Archer laughing was in response to Kristina's boyfriend laughing.
Kristina wants to point out that owning an arctic fox is NOT for everyone and that owning a fox takes a lot of care and caution. She says she did a lot of research before owning the fox.

The video has gone viral.

Within 24 hours of the video being posted, it gained more than 1 million views. I'll be adding a few more dozen of views to that count.
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2 years ago·Reply
That's really cool. Animals are so interesting. And hahahaha @nicolejb's enthusiasm is my favorite.
2 years ago·Reply
Like, what even @danidee?? can you explain this happiness??
2 years ago·Reply
@nicolejb that was my same reaction the first time I saw this! I literally laughed out loud because the fox is just so hilarious!
2 years ago·Reply
@nicolejb He must have just realized he's an arctic fox. I'd be that excited if I were one too!
2 years ago·Reply