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Part 1 This is for; @swarrier16 Edit; I thought I added this, but I guess I forgot or something... Anyways, a friend of mine helped me write this! Half of the credit goes to her! He felt soft hands touching his face and the scent of strawberries reaching his nose. It made him feel warm and fuzzy and he longed to just stay with his eyes closed forever. "Hey..are you okay?" The beautiful melodic voice reached his ears and he opened his eyes. He couldn't believe it. He knew who it was. He knew that voice very well. "Y/N?" "Yeah, it's me. Can you stand?" He bit his lip and nodded, not wanting to seem weak in front of the love of his life. "Yeah, I think." He sucked in a breath sharply, the aching of his whole body hurting more than he thought it would. "Holy sh.." He leaned against the wall, grimacing in pain and trying to breathe through his bruised lungs. He peeked through one eye and looked at the beautiful masterpiece in front of him, feeling a little warm at the concern in your eyes. "What are you doing here?" He asked, fighting against the pain. You shook your head. "It doesn't matter. C'mon, there's some benches over there, lets go over ther to sit you down." "Can you walk?" He wanted to shake his head badly, but decided against it. He didn't want you to think he was a wimp. "Yeah I can. I'm already hurting, so what's with a little more?" He said jokingly, trying to break the tension. You just shake your head and put his arm around your small shoulders. "Lean on me, let's go." "No its-" You turned to him and rolled your eyes. "Look Jungkook, do you actually think you can walk by yourself?"You said, the little tone of attitude making him smile. "Whatever you say, ma'am." You walked slowly together, Jungook occasionally hissing in pain and limping over rocks. When you reached the benches, You sighed in relief and sat back, placing your hands in the pockets of your red colored raincoat. "Thank god, you're so heavy!" You said with an exhausted sigh. Jungook gasped and pretended to be hurt. "How dare you? I'm as light as a feather!" "A feather that weighs a thousand pounds," you grumbled. He chuckled and winced slightly at the action. Damn, they must've hit him pretty good... "What did you do to piss them off so much they beat you up?" "I smirked." "No, seriously." "I'm being serious." You turned to him, your beautiful brown eyes wide and filled with shock. "Are you serious?" "No, I'm Jungkook." You punched him on the arm and he pretended to take it like a man, refraining from yelping out loud. "I'm being serious." "Ahh, so am I. But yeah, I smirked. Pretty intimidating." "You're such an idiot." "I realized that, but I embrace it very well." You cracked a smile and looked up at the sky, the dark clouds setting a calm and peaceful mood with the help of the moon. A sudden rush of wind conjured, and even though you weren't shaken up, you saw Jungkook shiver from the corner of your eye. You turned to him and noticed how his sweater clinged to tightly to him, unexpectedly you reached out to feel the fabric and instantly gasped when it was cold and wet. He looked at your wide eyes, and his eyes widened when he saw you taking off your own rain coat. With it off, you removed your sweater uderneath it and quickly looked at Jungkook, "Take off your sweater!" His eyes went wide once more, and he quickly shook his head. He doesn't want to seem as though a 'little breeze' bothered him. You sighed and got up, walking in front of him. You grabbed the ends of his sweater and tried pulling it up, but he quickly caught your hands. The feeling of his cold hands on your warm ones sent shivers up your arms, causing you to freeze in your spot. "I'm fine, I promise." He tried to smile, but even that caused him to wince in pain. Anger quickly surged to you, and you abruptly pulled your hands out of his. "Why can't you just listen for once!? You take things so easily, it's like you don't even care. You hurt yourself, and for what? So you can seem like a 'macho guy'? You can't walk correctly and you can't even smile without wincing in pain. Do you care that little about yourself or are you just trying to be something you're not?" Tears brimmed, making your vision blurry, but you quickly wiped them away. Jungkook sat there, his mouth agape and confused at your sudden outburst. Is this what he wanted? No, he wanted to seem tougher than he is. He tried to impress the one person he truly wants around, but only caused himself to forget who he is. Even if it was only for a moment, he forgot everything, and now instead of making you laugh, he was making you cry. He hastily stood up, taking careful steps, occasionally whimpering when he stepped too hard. Once in front of you, he didn't hesitate to bring your body closer to his. Your silent whispers didn't go unoticed by him. "I love you, but how could you take care or even love someone when you can't do that for yourself?" You mumbled not realizing that you let your heart speak for once. His tears came rushing down after trying so hard not to let them fall. "I... I realized that I can't live on my own. I know that now, I can't take care of myself, or even love myself. I do know one thing however." He pulled away and looked at you straight in the eyes- "I can take care of you, and I know that I am in love with you. I'm not some 'macho man' I'm sensitive when it comes to you, I just don't want be seen as this. I want to be seen as someone worthy of standing next to a masterpiece like yourself. Yeah, I realized that it is my own fault, but I sometimes forget that I'm only human." You place your hands gently on his face, as if it were something fragile. "People tend to do that, they forget that they're human and often try to take on everything at once, either that or they try to void themselves from emotions simply because they're scared of getting hurt. However, without a little bit of pain, how can one grow and learn? There are two ways to take pain and sadness, you either complain, or you use it to fuel yourself to make yourself better." "Y/N?" his face turning into a confused one. "Yeah?" "Did you tell me that you love me?" Your eyes widened when you realized what you said, and suddenly you felt like running. Jungkook chuckled at your reaction and before you knew it, his lips were on your forehead. His lips left your forehead, but he quickly moved them down to your eyes that were still shedding tears. Left eye, right eye. He moved them down to your cheeks, left cheek, right cheek. Your nose, and finally he was a few centimeters away from your lips. Your eyes still closed, you waited for him to kiss you. When you didn't feel his lips on yours, you opened your eyes and saw him smiling deviously. Felling tricked, you walked back to the bench and put your raincoat and threw your sweater at him while he just stood there laughing at you. Clapping his hands, but then quickly turning into whimpers as the pain came to him. You burst out laughing and walked to him, and you wrapped your arms around his waist. You buried your face in his chest. He quickly responded to your actions and wrapped his arms around your figure perfectly. Given the courage, you kissed his neck and slowly moved up. Feeling him shiver, you smirked and stopped right at his lips, you looked into his eyes and bit your lip. You moved to his ear and whispered, "Two can play this game." You moved away from him too quickly, that he couldn't grab you. Dumbfounded, he stood there blinking. He looked at your direction to where you were snickering and he pouted. "Yah! You can't do that!" You yelled. You sighed, you couldn't stay mad at him and walked towards him. Before either of you could tease the other, both your lips met together. Realizing, that he needs you, just as much as you need him.
By the way, this 'mystery scenarios' now has a collection! Feel free to follow! Please look forward to the next scenario! I also want to give a shout out to @aliahwhbmida for supporting and liking/ clipping most of my cards! Haha! I like it when I get noticed. ^-^
On another note, I have something to say. Don't take it in the wrong way, okay? I'm only human. You're only human. We're all humans. We hurt, we smile, we cry, we laugh, we do so many things and it's good to feel these emotions even if we don't want to feel a certain emotion. We can only do so much, but sometimes we forget who we are as we're trying to reach a goal. We forget why we even started something, why we started fighting for what we want. We forget, and we suffer along the way when we try to find who we are once more. I've lost friends, in trying to find myself because I forgot who I was. I wasn't- I am not the person I was when I started. Yeah, I complain about my life because sometimes I just want to give up. However, I don't give up. I don't want to, people have put time and effort in me, why would I let them down? I take care of people because I don't want them to forget who they are. I don't want them to struggle, I want to help. But in my life, I come first. After all, I'm only human.
I love this!!! and a great message in it as well
@swarrier16 I'm glad you like it!
thank you so much for doing this!! It came out really well!!
@sarahdarwish Haha thank you!
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