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so I have been seeing this all over so I guess why not?
Some facts about me: ~I am 17. ~I like photography (I don't have any photos because I got a new phone, sorry) ~I am 5'8 maybe almost 5'9 ~I am really quiet at first, but the more comfortable I get with you the more talkative I get ~resting bitchface most of the time. ~puns ~Pretty good cook ~I have two beauty marks that look like : by my left eye ~and another mark in my right eye, I think. it's in one of them, haha ~I have yet another birthmark on my left arm ~Really sarcastic, so you would have to get used to it if we were to become friends
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Jackson or Yugeom :D
@GrandPop ayyye my bias and wrecker:D
Junior and Jackson *\(^o^)/*