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"I want the rest of the shoes to be put on that closet NOT that one!" "Mark, calm down... they're just shoes" "It's not just shoes, it's Jordans. So if I want you to put them there then you should do as I say" "Do you ever stop being so stubborn" It's been 2 weeks after we escaped Mark's dad and now we moved back to Seoul in a new house. I need to speak with my brother and make him come to his sences about what he did and who he has messed with, I mean, why would he betray us like this? for a stupid girl like Issang Yun? is he serious?. I regret ever going to him for help and certainly in denial of ever asking for his help again. I still don't know whether I should comfront him or not, if I were any stupider than I am about ever trusting him. "Baby, I'm going to see my brother for a while" "Why? after what he did to us? like I get it he's your brother but it's unfair that he did this to someone that trusts him and is related to him. But I won't stop you... I know you need to see him and to clarify everything that happened and hear the truth from HIS mouth and not from someone he used to work with. But then again don't you thnk that maybe my dad was telling the truth?... about him and that Issang Yun woman?" "I don't know I still don't trust that man and I hope that the years he's going to spend in jail right now for escaping will make him rethink ever doing that again." "Well as long as you get the answers to your questions." "Why do you act like my mom?" "Because I'm older and smarter"
I walk in front of the door to his office, thinking if maybe I'm making the right decision. But I need answers FROM him, nobody else. I knock on the door and it opens right after the second knock. He stares at me with unsurprised eyes and the look on his face shows annoyance and regret. I stare at him with a death glare as my fists turn into a ball of red. "Tell me, how's life been treating ya, huh? did you have fun these last few days?" "What do you want? for me to apologize? well here I'm sorry, I'm fucking sorry and I'm sorry for ruining your glorious trip to Ulsan" "Why would you do that to us? we fucking trusted you!!. Do you know the pain we fucking went throught over there? Mark could barely walk because his entire body was swollen! and all this for a woman who clearly doesn't want anything to do with you!" "Brother I'm sorry, I really am!" "Why did you do it? that's the only thing I need to know and don't tell me that it was for her cause I know damn well you wouldn't risk your brothe's life for a woman, you just can't" "(sighs) I did it because my life was treathened by him..."
oh my goodness..suspense again...
ooohh its getting better πŸ˜„