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I say B My son say A
I say Sasuke black flames is the truth
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B, & Natsu (in a real battle, Sasuke, but fire only belongs 2 Natsu most definitely.)
2 years ago·Reply
B and it would be better if the meme said im the best with lightning
2 years ago·Reply
@AtisutoMeru. i agree with u natsu would win win a competiont between them with fire but in a real fight sasuke would win
2 years ago·Reply
@brqshunsmitherm. u havent watched naruto have u
2 years ago·Reply
@AngelMartinez1 i see what you saying but if I said lightning natsu would have not been any competition I would have put him against his sensei Kakashi that would have been a more equal match but thanks for the idea for my next card
2 years ago·Reply