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Some of you may know Eric Nam from his work on ASC (After School Club) as one of the hosts or you may know him from his works as an artist and musician. But either you know him as a tv personality or a singer, you should know he is making a comeback!
Eric Nam will be making a comeback with his second mini-album, “Interview,” on March 24. The announcement of his new album was made through his official Facebook with a picture of his album cover. This is his second mini-album in about three years after his debut album, “Cloud 9.” He has continued to release digital and single albums throughout the years, sometimes featuring in other artists’ tracks, but this is more welcoming since it will contain songs of his own. Many people are anticipating what he has to bring. Eric Nam’s agency stated, “Thank you to everyone who has waited three years for singer Eric Nam to come back. He has worked hard to perfect his album despite his busy schedule, and he promises to show diverse charms of himself through this comeback.” Eric Nam’s “Interview” will be released on March 24 at midnight. Who else will be waking up in the middle of the night for this other than me?

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I am so down for this !!
Yay Eric!
Wait, it's seriously been 3 years? (●__●)