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Que tal mis amigos!

I recently went shopping at Walmart and as I always I love walking down the shower gel aisle. I was surprised at what I found. There were some new items. These items were not over 5.00 each. @jordanhamilton @TessStevens @alywoah @LAVONYORK @marshalledgar

Past Washes...Victoria's Secret

All winter I have been using this wash set by Victoria's Secret. I bought it when it was on sale, but it's original price is a bit too much. I love the clean scent. However, even after washing my skin was dry. Even when I used the body butter and or body oil.

Body Essence Nourishing Body Cleansing Oil

Now I wanted to switch up my routine. My eyes first caught this Oil Cleansing Body Wash. I was excited to buy it for a few reasons. I already use the oil cleansing method for my face and it works wonders. I knew if it worked on my face it should work on the rest of my body. Next, I could read and understand all the ingredients. Then, I love how it has a pump to make application easier. Application 1. I used this in the shower. I made sure my skin was wet. 2. I applied the product with my hands. 3. I rubbed the product into my skin. 4. I went over my skin with a shower poof 5. Then I rinsed my body. The product did not lather. It does not have a strong smell and washed off clean.


I then seen this product. It comes in two different scents, but I liked the Avacado and iris scent. This is a soft feminine scent. This does lather like a shower gel, but it is thicker than most shower gels. This smells great and is affordable.


The next morning my skin was soft and hydrated. Usually I have to add oil or lotion to my body in the morning, but after using both I did not. I did use the Softsoap alone and I still did not need added lotion or oils. I highly recommend these products to anyone with dry and sensitive skin.
@hikaymm pink Himalayan salt is really good for you in many other ways, too. The soap is awesome, and smells good, too. I can't remember the scent, though. It's the generic brand, Equate, and it's just as good as the brand name, (that I also can't remember, lol).
@TurtleyTurtles That sounds amazing @.@ I love salt body soaps!!!
I use a pink Himalayan salt body soap, and haven't had an dry skin problems since. I would like to try the Softsoap one, though.
@TurtleyTurtles I use that in my natural homemade scrubs.
both items sound like they smell amazing! Im def going to have to look into both, especially the first one.
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