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@JohnEvans So um, was I supposed to tag you? Also, is this how it's done? Haha, I'm not sure. But I want to do this.
The Muscle -Daesung-BigBang- Have you seen his muscles? And he's so sweet so I feel like he wouldn't mind doing some heavy lifting to help out the team.
The Brains -Rap Monster-BTS- Namjoon is so smart. The boy has an IQ of like 148... I also want to be on an island with him.
The Scaredy Cat -JHope-BTS- He's a scaredy cat, but he still fights through his fears for those he cares about.
The Secret Weapon -Wenhan-UNIQ- When's the last time you've seen someone do 148 push-ups so easily?
The Protector/Mother -UEE- She's so caring and I love her! I need to spend time with her so I can be more caring.
The Co-Captain -Jackson-Got7- He's smart, reasonable, funny, level-headed, and he and Rap Mon would make some kick ass plans together.
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Word up for Wenhan as the secret weapon lol