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I know their is going to be a lot of hate on this so if you feel the need to leave a shitty comment about this go ahead. Every one is different however some people can't get the fuck over the fact that things are that way. Their is no fucking reason anybody should have to feel unsafe or insecure or ugly because some dumbass felt the need to physically or mentally hurt them. The fact that people need to bring other people down to feel better about themselves is bullshit, almost everybody has gone through some sort of bullying in their life's and that's sad to think about. If you've ever bullied someone in your life and don't feel bad your a pussy and need to get help bullying can lead to suicide depression and anxiety, were all going through our own battles that person you were bullying could have been going through something horrible at the time think about that. this is the end of the rant feel free to leave a comment like clip or whatever. The reason I made this is so I could shed some light onto this topic. Their are so Manny people in this world who are being bullied and having suicidal thoughts feeling hopeless having anxiety and depression and we choose to be pussys and ignore the fact that we have a major problem.
What sucks is that I get bullied by one of my teachers. She's said things like "don't be like this, you should be more like this person" or "you need to stop acting like stupid" when I have trouble presenting. She's made me cry at least twice and she has this tone of disappointment in her voice when she talks to me. She got mad at me for getting a sandwich from my friend's locker one time.
I don't think you'll get any hate on this ^^ Great topic to bring up. I think a big part of the "problem" when it comes to bullying by anyone, especially when they don't think they're bullying, is that people are only seeing things from their perspective. If you don't understand that everyone has different problems then you'll end up acting like a bully!