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Phone cleaning ㅠ _ ㅠ phone why u no let me live!!!?
Bangtan GIFs cuz my phone ain't let me keep them in peace. *sings* I just wanna love you!!! ~
B.A.P GIFs *sings* when I can't have you any other way.. this was how I survived..~~~
GOT7 Jr. (My Bias) GIFs *sings* When your so perfect the whole world wants you.. sharing you I die a little inside.~~
GOT7 GIFs *Sings* oh closer.. this is never close enough. but as long as you're happy.
VIXX (Ravi) [Just recently acquired these. this is no fair. my phone is not a smart phone.] *Sings* you're happy.. and I suppose that's happiness enough for me
above is a "Struggles of a Fangirl" song that just came to mind as I was creating this card. I'd love to see your version or a better version of my own. Ciao -ENF2 #ENF2wasHere
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So many beautiful people in one card 😍😍😍. Loved it 😄
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