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Nothing seemed to be going right no matter how much he tried keep going. Two of his friend’s were now in the hospital and a third was dead. The thing he regreted most was not being able to fix their relationship completely. Sure she acepted him as a friend again but Nabi hadn’t grown to trust him again. Leaning over the endge of the tub Jimin lit the piece of paper with the lighter in his hand. It was a letter he had wrote to give to her. He had hoped if he wrote out everything he couldn’t say maybe she would understand him better.
Watching the paper slowly burn he felt the tug on his heat as a lump formed in his throat. He tried hard not to cry; he was so sick of crying he wasn’t sure how he even managed to cry so much. Dropping the paper onto the ground he watched as the last of the paper burn up. He felt something warm hit his hand and he realized the tears were coming despite him trying not to cry. He leaned back in the tub tears soaking his face. All he could think to do was scream but nothing could hear him except the empty walls. Thrashing around in the water he kept screaming and crying till his voice went hoarse.
Through the tears he swore he saw her siting on the edge of the tub near his feet. He wiped his eyes calming down to see if he could find her. Hopes crushed the tears resumed as he sunk further into the water. Still in the water his heart aching like it was being ripped from his chest he had a thought. He could still be with her and they could be happy together. Slipping under the water he stayed there even when his lungs hurt for air. Opening his eyes he could see her over him on the other side of the water. He thought she was telling him to join her but he realized she was yelling and trying to reach him under the water but she couldln’t get throught the water.
Opening his mouth to call out to her his lungs filling with water as his body tried to breath. Panicking he sat up quickly coughing out the water. The water ran from his hair hiding the tears that started again. How could he be so stupid to think she would really want him to kill himself to be with her. She was probably sad to see what he tried to do. He would live so she could be happy where she was; he would live for her.
Oh gawd.😱 I really just can't with all these feels😭😭😭
my feels girl my feels...
Jimin... \😢/
just when i was curious on an update, a day later you post. This is one of mt favourite long stories going. keep my posted/tagged
so many emotions tonight😭😭
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