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As you probably can guess, I'm a HUGE fan of Evangelion. I've seen the series and all movies up to date, as well as extras and specials. I just recently have seen the movie 3.33. I can honestly say that I've been amped to see it, but what I just watched was laughable. The movie was not all that great. From the story line and the dialogue, the animation and the plot and logic, it wasn't the best work I was hoping for. I feel like the whole movie was like one big yaoi of shinji x kawouru. Shinji was insane, everyone told shinji to stop and not do anything and shinji was like. "Fuck you, imma do it anyways because nobody tells me anything and when people do tell me things, I go insane." And then shit happens and shinjis like. "Oh shit, what happened? I didn't do it. Whoops." And everyone's like "shinji nooooo!" Shinji x kawouru Right in the kokoro
@TwizzlerBae Ah, I guess I'm really behind! I think I've only seen the first 2 movies. I still don't mind spoilers. It'll probably be a while before I see them anyway.
@TurtleyTurtles it depends on what content you've seen. The new movie takes place after the third impact that shinji caused. It's all about Wille (the resistance group against Nerv, lead by Mistato.) the new movie takes place after 3.0
@TwizzlerBae It's all good! I'm not worried about spoilers with the movies, unless it's actually new content. Its basically the same story being told in a different way, right? Having read this card, I'll know what to expect when I watch it, and won't be so disappointed if I'm not a big fan of the way they did that part. 馃槉
The series did have that kind of low key romance that it hinted at, and I love it. Sorry for the spoilers of 3.33 but the romance between the two was almost the center-focus of the movie, making the rest of the storyline very rushed and not explained thoroughly. But yeah, the series is still the best. @TurtleyTurtles
@TwizzlerBae I haven't seen that one, yet, but I remember the episodes with him in them. I think it's mixed well into the series, with Shinji being a confused young man with the weight of the world in his shoulders, but still figuring out his wants and needs. I need to catch up on the movies.
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