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lemme give you an overview of this anime real quick and why you should absolutely watch it. i recently watched this and came for the harem tag and stayed for the psychological tag. this anime is really underrated and i'll admit it is really really really tough to watch at points because it's so brutal and sad, it's worth every second. this anime will leave me scarred for the next couple of weeks. kids, stay away it gets rough. the premise is Kazami Yuuji, (the only dude in the pic above) moves to a school with only five others in it, (being five of the others above) and they're all at this special school for a reason, they've all suffered traumatic experiences as children that they haven't gotten over, they're not insane, just struggling. now if you can't handle rape, murder, suicide, cross dressing, sexual harassment, cannibalism, starvation, abusive parents then stay far away from this, if you can't watch The Shining then don't watch this. it was almost too much for me to handle, i've seen screwed up stuff in my life but this was brutal. now it does have it's harem/ecchi moments but truly it's more than that, it tells a couple of the most brutal backstories ever but it all shows that we can overcome, forget and forgive. it's a three part story; Grisaia no Kajitsu, Grisaia no Meikyuu and Grisaia no Rakuen. the first part is a twelve episode season which dives into the five girls backstories, the second part is a 45 minute movie which begins Kazami Yuuji's backstory and the third part finishes his backstory and finishes up the anime. i highly recommend you watch this anime ASAP but as i've said multiple times, be warned you won't forget what you see.
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watched it liked very much