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Parents say that they are there for you, but then again they talk to us like we're worth nothing. That's how I feel at home sometime now, I don't want to go home right after school because of that. I just want to go home late so I won't have to deal with my family for too long.
although they yelling at you but did they care about you? feed you, give money for you to spend, go to school everyday for education , when you don't feeling well, they worried about you right? as a teenager, you can't just come home late because you disappointed what they do to you.. but did you ever thought if they disappointed what you did too? I'm sorry, if you feel sad,think about good thing they did to you before misjudged them
@AtisutoMeru i think they have their own personal issues to sort out and they take it out on you becuz they don't know how to deal with it in a healthy way. The world is big, I learn that after I moved out, there are many things to focus on rather than on things your folks said. Now I listen to them but don't take their words to heart and I think my change of attitude has an effect on them too, they don't use those passive aggressive language on me anymore, well most of the time.
I don't think it's the parents per se, but individuals who don't know how to communicate with their children. Hang in there, you'll grow out of it one day when their comments can't hurt you anymore and understand the yelling comes from the fear of out of control
I used 2 have this problem 2 sometimes. 4 me, it had nothing 2 do with doing something wrong. It was like, if I spilled or dropped crumbs, while I'm cleaning it up, I'd hear an irritable sigh & get an unnecessary comment like "What did u do? spill/drop some? I knew u would. u just can't keep from making a mess, can u?" Or when I was helping put some stuff on the doors, I was just holding it as I was told 2 do, but I didn't quite understand which way they wanted me 2 move. I'm not a mind reader. yet it was yanked it out of my hand, & I was told, "Just go 2 ur room. Ur useless. just go. i'll do this without u." never was apologized 2 about that, btw. & I get insulted about my breath, my hair, & all sorts of things still. ik I'm loved, but all that, its hard 2 stick around sometimes tho I didn't have a way 2 escape it. I never talked back tho...