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The show must be finished airing and not be hentai. Genre does not matter. Doesn't matter if movie, series, OVA, ONA, etc.
I'll do what I can to survive lol @BraydenSaxon
@BlackoutZJ lol that's the little much crazy. Just make sure to keep souvenir trinkets to be able to prove to people you didn't lie lol. I kept some of the keys to the collars
@BraydenSaxon I know what ya mean but I'm willing to take risks lol if I die I die with honor and with Oppai lol馃槅
@BlackoutZJ just trying to warn you bro lol. Don't do it it's a trap! You think it will be wonderful and fun but it's a huge pain in the butt that is only good for a funny story after its all said and done
@BraydenSaxon Look dude I merely gave you a suggestion for a show to watch, and why did you have to go and insult my Harem? You didn't have to go there lol
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