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I'm amazed that Donald Trump is actually gaining steam in his campaign.
It seems like the more harmful stuff he says about women and immigrants, the more powerful his movement becomes. I don't know if people aren't taking the things he say serious, or they are ignoring his statements but they need to be addressed.
Recently a powerful ad featuring some of his most harmful quotes released on the web and its taking the internet by storm.
The Our Principles PAC launched in January with the express purpose of stopping Donald Trump. The video is simple in principle and revolves around Trump’s own deplorable words.
The ad features women who read some of the most vicious quotes from Donald about women ever. One of the most harmful quotes from Donald about women in the ad was “You know it doesn’t really matter what they write, so long as you have a nice and beautiful piece of ass.”
These are mothers, educators and business partners. I can't believe Trump has said such harmful things and is still gaining steam in the race.
His last statement in the ad was horrible. I don't know how anyone could stomach working for a guy like that on a regular basis. He clearly has no respect for women at all
I hope this video continues to go viral.. We need to Shed light on this Trump issue.
@christianmordi I suspect that he preys on people's insecurities, just like he does as a politician. It's an incredibly abusive tactic but it's one people have used for years to manipulate others
@shannonl5 things are already nasty I just don't like him I never have I won't change my mind about how I feel about this man he's no good he's bad for everyone including you and me
@shannonl5 why is he so important? what makes him so special he's nothing but trouble
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