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Wow!!! I've been getting alot of notifications about I'M HIS NOONA and I've gotten more than 50 likes!!! Thank you all for liking my stories. Please, let me know what's on your mind when you read my stories, if you think there is something I can improve on or something!!! Please let me know!

I'm sitting down in a circle with a group of high school kids playing Spin the Bottle/ Truth or Dare. I'm a freshman in college, the only reason why I'm here is for my baby sister. She can only go to parties if I'm there, the only reason why I even decided to come is because she has a crush on some boy in a group. She begged me and negotiated to do my chores for a month, I wasn't going to let that pass, so I came with her and her friends. Thing is that this scene reminds me way too much of my days as a loner. I didn't like those stupid cliques that you see in Mean Girls. I'm a combo platter, I don't stick to one thing. Anyways, I see my sister sitting next to her crush, I think his name was V. 'What idiot calls themselves a letter?' The bottle spins and lands on me. I look around to see who was the unlucky bastard that spun it.
My eyes land on this Asian dude, leaning on a chair, giving me a come-hither look. I said, "What is the question you gonna ask me?" He gave me a face, between sad and angry.
I guess he made up his mind and chose to be angry. "Truth or Dare?" he said, tilting his head. I'm a risk-taker and usually these kids stray away from any risque situations. "Dare." I said, smirking. "Let's do 7-minutes in heaven." he says, getting up. The group erupted with whistles and catcalls. He sticks out his hand, expecting me to reach up and grab it, but I don't depend on anyone, especially this guy. 'He looks familiar, where have I seen him before?' I look over to my sister, her eyes widened and mouthing something I couldn't quite catch. He waits for me to get up and puts a hand on my lower back to guide me to the closet in the room. I felt a sense of familiarity and calmness. I look back at him, his eyes light up like a vampire. 'What? a vampire? really? It's just the disco ball that light up his brown eyes to a light honey eyes.' Once we enter in the closet, he reaches up and grabs the light bulb switch and turns it off.

"What the hell did you do that for?" I said, suddenly nervous. I felt him come closer, so I took a step back. I said something, anything to prolong the inevitable. "What's y-your n-name?" He stops and I feel like he is studying me, there's just a bit a light filtering through the doors panels, to see him. "My name's Jimin." he said, a bit annoyed. "Oh, nice to meet you, my name is (Y/N). How old are you?" I said, trying to stall. "What is this, 20 questions?" He sighs, I saw him reining back his temper. "I know who you are, (Y/FN/LN). I'm 20 Years old and your my noona. Anything else?"

"How do you know me? I don't remember you, if I did, I'd make sure not to forget about someone as cute as you." I gasped, I couldn't believe I just said that. I put my face in my hands and hung my head in embarrassment. I heard a shuffle and hands grabbed my wrists and pushed them above my head. I looked up, confused on what the hell does he think he is doing? He slowly leaned forward, his eyes intensely focusing on my eyes then, I see him drop his gaze to my lips. He licked his own lips and looked back at me. He was just a breath away, I could've stopped him, I could've turned my head, but I didn't. He stayed there and I felt a thrill at how he is expecting me to close the space between us, a power struggle to see who would give in first. He pressed his body closer to mine and he pushed my body against the wall with just his torso.

I was having a hard time breathing, his scent and cologne mingling in the air, engulfed in his scent and heat made me launch myself on him. I kissed him hard, he let go of my wrists and placed them on the side of my face and angled my head so he could get a better access of my lips and tongue. My hands was running all over his body, I grabbed his booty and gave it a firm squeeze, he groaned and I felt him getting hard. He grabbed my butt and lifted me up, I wrapped my legs around his waist. He gently sat down, our lips never separating unless it was to come up for air. I unwrapped my legs and I straddled him and I was leaning over him. His face directly in front of my chest. He looked up at me and grabbed the back of my head and gave me a good french kiss that made me dumb, blind, and deaf. I start to unbutton my shirt and he sat there watching, his hands resting on my hips. As I unbuttoned my third button, we heard a knock on the door. "7 Minutes are up, come on out." I looked at him, my face expressing what I saw on his face, disbelief and yearning. I get up and rearrange my clothes to look semi-presentable. I look at him, he was looking at me the whole time, I blush. "What? Do you like what you see?" I said, trying to control my nerves and my heart from racing so much.

"Yes, very much so. You know what else I would like to see?" he asked, with a smile that made his eyes even much smaller. "What?" I asked, trying to show that he didn't affect me much. He leans over to whisper in my ear, "You, Me, My bed, Tonight." then, he plants a kiss on my neck and straightens up and opens the door. The kiss on my neck, made my body shiver with anticipation of what could happen tonight. Before he walks out the door, I grab his arm and pull him back to me. While everyone was watching, I give him a french kiss and squeeze his big booty. I hear people cheering, I come up on my tiptoes and kiss his forehead. He stays frozen, I laugh and look over to my sister; huddled over in a corner with her crush talking animatedly about something. I look back at him and there's a glint of steel behind those beautiful eyes. He grabs my hand and leads me to the backyard of the house. My heart is in my throat, for two reasons; Is he gonna punish me or is he gonna finish what we started?

"Do you really not remember me, (Y/N)? " he asked as he turns around to face me. I looked at him, studying him, he fidgeted under my gaze. I smiled at how cute he acts when I narrow my eyes, reminds me of Jay of my childhood. 'Wait, that's why he is so familiar!!' "You're Jay!?!?!?!" I squealed. He nods at me, smiling so wide for having remembered him.

"But what happened to all the baby fat? You were so cute like a marshmallow!" I said, reminiscing his cute chubby cheeks and how he had to wear glasses. "Do you still wear glasses?"
"I hit puberty and lost all the fat and Yes," he chuckled, "I still wear glasses." He puts on a pair of glasses that he had in his back pocket. 'Wow, just putting on a pair of glasses changes his demeanor. Sexy~~~' I reach my hand under his chin and pull him closer to me. He visibly gulps and licks his lips, I giggled and said, "You haven't changed, you're still nervous around girls." He wraps his arms around my waist and presses our bodies together. "No, I have changed, I'm not nervous around girls," he looks at the sky and looks back at you, releasing a breath he's been holding, "just around you. You make me nervous, you always had and I guess, you always will. Even a picture of you can cause my heart to race, my palms to sweat, and my lower extremities stand to attention. Since, I moved away in middle school, I've never forgotten about you. Obviously, I do not matter to you that much, since you couldn't recognize me." I step back from his embrace and put my hands on my hips, chest out. "Listen, Jimin. I considered you like a little brother at that time and you looked like a lost puppy, but now you come back looking like a model from a fashion magazine. That's totally not fair to assume that I would instantly recognize you, since we haven't met up or anything from that time. So, cut me some slack." I puffed my cheeks and crossed my arms under my chest. He laughed at my expression and then, dropped his gaze to stare at my chest. I cross my arms in front of my chest, he comes closer and grabs my hands. Lifts them to his lips and kisses them both, before wrapping them around his neck. He dropped his hands to my hips, "You know what?". I look into his eyes, "What?"

"I'm glad I came out tonight. I got to see my girlfriend and now I have to go, before I get in trouble trying to take her home." He said, grinning. I looked up at him shocked, my hands land on his chest as if to push him away, "Girlfriend? You have a girlfriend? Why would you do this?" I felt my eyes to start to water. He barks out a laugh, I smack his chest, "Let me go!" His laughter dies down, "How can you be so slow? You're supposed to be older and smarter, Noona! I'm basically claiming that you are my girlfriend and I won't take "No" for an answer." I laid my head on his chest, "Don't laugh at me. I was so close to crying, it's not even funny." He brings my face to his to give me a slow and passionate kiss. "I wouldn't dare make fun of you, baby girl. You've always been in my heart and till the day I die. Let's go back inside, I don't want you to get sick."

I nod, "Don't forget about your promise." He looked at me confused, I leaned over on my tippy toes and whispered, "You, Me, Your Bed, Tonight." I plant a kiss on his neck and sashay my hips inside the house, leaving a stunned turned-on Jimin frozen on the doorstep.

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