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I saw this in my challenge collection and I think it's time for me to show off my biases.
My ultimate bias just has to be Leeteuk! He's just so awesome and cool I just can't help but call him my UB! He's strong, adorable, funny, and just an all around great guy, and oh so manly!!!!!!!!!
My bias wrecker is Jang Dongwoo of infinite. There's just something about him that just makes me melt! Maybe it's his huge teeth that stand out from his face or maybe it's those lips that make me want to suck his teeth all day long.
My bias creeper is Leo of VIXX. When I first saw him on Weekly Idol, he just kind of gave me chills, his looks were so charming, I just fell for him the moment he stared at the camera. I want to know more about him, yet I also want to keep staring at him for hours on end. HOT!!!!!
Ahh yes. The cold guy, with a smooth personality, cocky attitude, and quick moves that people don't expect him to make, Wu Yi Fan or Kris. My bias killer.
My sneaky bias is Kim Jongin or Kai. He's always acting cute and he feels like a snake to me when he performs and I just get chills from watching him. It just feels super weird yet satisfying at the same time. Strange huh?
My secret bias is one I'm quite embarrassed to reveal but I'll do it because he is just too sweet to not introduce to anyone! Kevin Woo!
My body bias has to be Choi Siwon! How could I not include him?!?!?!?!?! His body is a wonderland that I want to be in so badly!!!!! I can't help but stare and drool every time I see him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My tattoo bias is Jay Park. He has many tattoos from what I can see. He wears them well! I don't thing I could pull off those tattoos like he can! Well done!
My muscle bias is Jung Jinwoon of 2AM. His muscles are very attractive, it's like looking at shiny rocks at the spa! He's so sexy and hot it's like looking at a delicious chocolate candy bar! Ugh! So delicious!!!!!!
Oh ok!
My ub is Junhoe from ikon, but before ikon came around it was Dongwoo that's why I was so excited seeing him in your card lol
@Sammie99522 who is your UB?
Dongwoo! Leeteuk! Leo! plus Kris I love them all so much 😍
Wu Yi Fan's personality Matches perfectly with his sign.... SCORPIO.