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Hey everyone, so i decided to make the prices for the chibi's a little different than the portraits. Some are the same prices but not all of them. That's because even tho they are small chibis they still have the same amount of time and work. I also have examples along with the prices so you can see what I mean :) If you have any questions, please free to let me know and I will gladly answer you ^-^ Anywho, here are the pictures with the info.


#4 *In this drawing, the J Hope doll would be the $1 extra :)
If you are interested, you can leave a comment here or DM in any of my social media's on the image above. You can also DM me on here as well. The things I will need from you are.. #1: Clothing you want for your chibi, in which you can go search on Google and send it to me. #2: The shoes you want to be wearing, which you can also search on google and send it to to me. #3:If you want a beanie, snapback or something you want to wear on your head, please let me know as well by sending me pictures. #4: Eye Color That is the basics for the chibi drawing. Any additions items, will be $1 each. An example of this part is if you want your chibi to be holding a certain item such as a doll, bear, computer, etc... If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to ask :)

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I'm so excited for Chibi RAVI!!!!!!!! That is all.
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