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Look at him...poor baby flinches even when Kyungsoo looks at him. I've personally lost count of the times he's been hit by Kyungsoo (well...most of the time he deserves it)
Kyungsoo doesn't care if he's in concert, inerview or generally in public, he makes sure to whack Chanyeol when he annoys him (understandable)...I sometimes forget that Chanyeol is the hyung...
I'm sorry but this makes me laugh on how exo is basically scared of Kyungsoo 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
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D.O is savage af! x)
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Wait....Chanyeol's older!?!?! 馃槻 Since when did my kpop knowledgeable get this bad? Guess I better start studying again.馃槯
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Omg poor Chanyeol XD
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oh Chanyeol when will he learn?
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