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Hey there! I know it's been a long time since I posted anything. Senior year exams have been really hard on me, but now, I have a really healthy and delicious vingle which shows how you can use oats in different ways!

Oats smoothie!

Yes! You can add all the fruits you like, and along with that, just add 2-3 tablespoons of oats. This will not only make your smoothie healthier and full of fibre, but also keep you full for a longer time!
All it takes is a blender, seriously, this can't get any easier! This shows a banana smoothie, but I have tried it with berries also and it tastes just awesome.

Savoury oats!

Who says that oats have to be sweet? Oats can be eaten in almost any flavour. I love to make some spicy and tangy flavoured oats. All you need to do is just add oats to boiling water, add your spices and veggies, season to taste, wait till it's all cooked well, and then eat! It couldn't get easier. I have made mine Indian style, Chinese style and even Mexican and Italian style! This is literally so versatile that you will want to try new flavours every time.
I hope you liked the two ideas, and will give it a try. It tastes better and is easier than it sounds. Let me know what you think about it. Also, if there's any other food hack or recipe you want me to make in a healthier way, let me know in the comments
making oats in savory is usually we used to eat in India than the sweet one coz... we love being hot and spicy馃構
Omg this looks so good!! I add oats into my yogurt in the morning. but smoothie oats is an AWESOME idea!
Oh man, I love oats in my smoothies. I used to be obsessed with making 'parfait' smoothies with oats and berries. So tasty!
@arshada That sounds great! I never knew that it's eaten in India. It's really cool :)
@Animaniafreak The texture will be somewhat like porridge only, but it will taste very good, depending on what you have added :) I used a little soy and and Chinese spices, and added tofu to make it the Chinese style. It worked well for me. For Mexican, I added hot sauces and veggies to make it taste a lot like the filling of a burrito. You can start simple at first, by just adding little spices and seasoning, or probably a sauce if you like (salsa goes well). Don't add too much water, and the texture must be fine.
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