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As someone who suffers from anxiety and frequently has panic attacks/anxiety attacks, among other things, things like this tend to be a really big aspect of my life. Lately it seems like these things are becoming a large part of the KPop world as well, as many idols have come out recently saying they suffer from some form of (usual common) mental disorder. I do not mean this to be offensive in any way so I apologize if this comes off as rude or insensitive. I also apologize if any of my information is off, as this has come from a variety of sources. I only wish to bring awareness to these people and the problems that they have faced and bravely overcome.
Yoona (SNSD) Yoona is one of the many idols that have came out as suffering depression during her time as an idol. She confessed that she often grew depressed and overwhelmed with the idea that needed to continue to grow and develop as an artist, and become lost in her depressed thoughts along the way. This is an idea that many idols have put upon themselves, and I fear Yoona is not the only one to feel this way due to those thoughts.
Lee Joon (MBLAQ) Lee Joon is the only idol I am aware of thus far in my Kpop journey, that has been stated to have bipolar disorder. We only have the ability to see what is broadcasted or released for us, however we miss all the hardwork and effort that is put in behind the scenes. Lee Joon is said to have struggled with this, stating that "...my body just couldn't keep up with me, so it was very upsetting." Despite this he has worked hard and really made a name for himself.
IU IU has said to have suffered from Bulimia. She said she always felt insecure and empty, and so she tried to fill the emptiness with food. She said she ate until she felt like she had to throw up. Since then IU is said to have received treatment for this and I have not heard of anything else since then.
P.O. (Block B) It came as shock to a lot of people, when P.O. was reported to have suffered from Stress Induced Schizophrenia. After receiving a great amount of negative criticism, fans became very worried when he was suddenly admitted into the hospital and being treated. It was revealed later by the doctors than the negative comments, cause P.O. to have to go through this. So glad that he is okay.
Jun Jin (Shinhwa) This one I relate to quite deeply, as Jun Jin is said to have suffered from Panic Disorder. What I have is considered a type of panic disorder, so in a way I can relate to how this idol felt. Jun Jin said that during the group's fourth album, he started to show signs of panic disorder. He is said to have experienced extreme worry and panic, in which case the other members were grew very concerned. They helped him a lot, and helped him to overcome this.
This is in no way a full documentation of all the idols I am aware have come out as suffering from illnesses like these. These are only the few that caught my attention the most. Other's include: Taeyeon (SNSD), Yoonchun (JYJ), Leeteuk (Super Junior), Onew (Shinee), Heechul (Super Junior) Jokwon (2AM), Park Bom (2NE1), Tablo (Epik High) Kiseop (UKiss) Jinon (F.Cuz), Seo Inyoung (Jewelry). These are only the ones that are reported to have suffered from Depression at some point! Needless to say, Idols have an incredible amount of stress and pressure put on them, which can cause multiple issues that are very difficult to live with. It bring's me hope to see that all these people have overcome such problems and have created themselves into whatever the wished to be in there life. Who else feels this way?
I hope they get well too and have a happy journey doing so. I also suffer from depression I was diagnosed by a doctor when I was hospitalized from and attempt of overdose. I was also diagnosed with ADHD which mean I have trouble staying focus and my mind wonders and I can't stay still and also anxiety. I have recently be diagnosed with Semi OCD of Germs and slight Panic attacks. so I understand the struggle these idol must go through must worse because their idols
More people than admit have a mental disorder of some kind, this world is a very difficult one to navigate, especially with added intense pressures. The more people that realize that we and they are not our illness but ourselves the better, yet with that needs to come the understanding that it is an illness, it can't just be 'gotten over'. Thanks for speaking out on this, it breaks my heart to see others suffer yet in some ways it makes them more understanding and gentler people. ♥ with PTSD.