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OK so I'm late in doing this. I have been debating on posting...but I finally gave in to joining this so without further a due.....ahhhhh you have my permission to ship me.
OK profile time..... 1] I am 24 2] I act like I'm 17ish 3] I'm playful and optimistic most of the time 4] I have a nephew and that makes me drag him on slides at the playground, give horsey almost every time , change my voice to make him laugh and I even sit on his trycicle while he hangs on my neck and I make funny noise as we move. (wow that was long) 5] ever have a theme song that expresses your love life? I do....Britney Spears- oops I did it again....yes I'm a total flirt xp 6] I have my head up in the clouds every day and when I look like I'm spacing out I most definitely am thinking about kpop and creating stories in my story has ever had an ending. 7] I'm a total spaz...I can't go a day at work without doing something to make my boss roll his eyes or make him think I'm crazy 8] I'm boss was going to give me a pocket knife but decided against it since he knows I would probably cut off my fingers or stab myself. 9] I love reading books. novels, comics or manga ...ahhh I can't forget the Bible 10] I'm loyal and affectionate. 11] I'm thoughtful and think of others feelings allot 12] I try not to judge others and I try to see things from their perspective 13] I'm shy until someone talks to me first most of the time. I can be outgoing 14] I love to be out of the house but there are tines when I want to stay home and sleep 15] I love my family very much 16] I like to think of consequences before I do something...most of the ones perfect 17] I love my cat and many other animals. I want a pet fruit bat so bad xp 18] I love to sing but I can't control my voice 19] hate camping....would rather hike or picnic 20] obsessed with Udon and ramen 21] I try to be helpful when others need a hand 22] I don't cook or bake much but I know how. I want to bake Bacon cupcakes.....I love cupcakes and coconut 23] a bit dramatic 24] I'm fisty and love punching dudes 25] obsessed with chocolate and Asian candy!!! 26] loves cheesecake like Daehyun but that's all we have incomen xp 27] NOOO I'm not Asian...I'm sisters Chinese boyfriend thought I was Asian when she showed him a picture of me...his sister thought so too. idk OK I'm running out of things to say about myself now. OK so have at it.
my nephew xp. Tagging some that tag me and my buddy xp @MadAndrea @kpopandkimchi @Imagimato1997 @Leaanna
I'd say EXO's Chanyeol. And we have alot in common @axosrain.
@axosrain Haha, yeah, especially with my profile picture. XD
I noticed lol @Imagimato1997
@axosrain Yeah, he's pretty cool. My UB is Zelo to be honest.
ahhh my DaeDae hahaha he is awesome
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