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Did I ever tell you that I am a serious Gears of War fan? Well if I did not I am totally going to let you know today. I have been using my lancer right along with Marcus since Gears of War 1 was released in 2006. As you know the Gears of War series follows Marcus and his best friend Dom through a lengthy battle with the locus army. Through out the game series you see the ups and downs in relationships and also what had to be destroyed to save human life on the planet Sera. There is also a prequel game called Gears of War Judgement, that follows the early stages of the war against the Locus Horde through the eyes of Damon Braid and Cole Train. Both of those characters are best friends that ended up in the unit that Marcus commanded after their confrontation with the Horde. Now we are up to the 4th Gears of War, that takes places 25 years after Gears of War 3. The lead in the the story is JD Fenix, who happens to be the son of Marcus Fenix. He is pared with two of his friends to take on a new threat to Sera. Below you get to see the team of JD, Del and Kait
So who or what are these guys fighting? Well for sure it is not the Locus Horde because Marcus and Company took care of that by the end of Gears of War 3. According to Game Informer that a group of new enemies kidnap member of an Outsider settlement early in the game and our new heroes take up pursuit. The cocoon based humanoid enemies are called Juvies, the foot soldiers of a new enemy called The Swarm. Juvies eventually age into Drones, tougher, weapon-handling foes. Also new are Pouncers, powerful and smart rodent-like enemies. Gear of War 4 will include two player cooperative game that you can also do split screen. According to Game Informer, one player always assumes the role of JD, while the other will play either Del or Kait. Story elements change slightly depending on which partner a character chooses but the differences won't be extremely major. With that information, that already tells me that you have to play at least two times. This game comes to us this year in a Fall of 2016.
Gears of War 4 will have its open beta some time around next month and as a reward to its fans, they will be able to enjoy a privilege of being one of the firsts to play the game. According to Microsoft , the avid fans of Gears of War will be receiving something from the game developers. "Beginning on April 18, fans who've played Gears of War: Ultimate Edition on Xbox One or Windows 10 will begin to receive tokens in waves for early access to the beta... Following the conclusion of early access on April 24, all qualifying Xbox Live Gold members on Xbox One will be invited to join the beta until it ends on May 1." As expected the beta will be exclusive to the Xbox One and it will focus on the multiplayer portion of the game, not the campaign. Of course some Xbox owners are not happy that Gears of War 4 is not going to be release to the 360. In my thought the Xbox One came out in November of 2013. By now most people have switched over to the One or the PS4. Also alot of game developers stopped a while ago releasing games for the 360. Then most developers even did a second released their current titles in an Xbox One format, for example Saints Row 4.
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@poojas @paulisadroid @InVinsybll am I the only one that thinks JD's mom is Anya? Lol
dude this looks cool! I'm not the biggest gears fan ever but I do remember playing a crapload of horde with my friends on high school
My friend said Marcus needs to go to Maury because JD looks like Braid 😂😂 I love my gamer peeps. They make me complete XD