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here we go!!
my all time, ultimate bias is eunhyuk of super junior! I fell in love with his dancing and his gummy smile :) his friendship with donghae is beautiful, his dancing is out of this world, his rapping is unreal, and his existence is the best thing ever :) I love my anchovy
this little bugger is my bias creeper. he makes me doubt my ultimate bias.... jimin from bts. He's a literal angel from heaven, his voice is made of gold, he's a powerful dancer, and his smile lights up a room. everyone Loves jimin!
my bias creeper's creeper is chanyeol from exo. I just recently discovered my love of exo so this love is the freshest. His deep voice gives my chills. He's super talented (plays piano, guitar, drums, he sings, and raps) and he's super super funny. His happy virus attitude is contagious.
my actor bias is choi woosik. I fell in love when I saw him in Hogu's Love/A Fool's Love. he stole my heart with his cute smirk. He's super talented and I want him in more dramas
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Eunhyuk! 馃挆馃挆 I never see many people talking about Suju anymore which is sad
@Sammie99522 gurl they're my world!!! they were my first and so I am a proud E.L.F till the end
@AubriePope I love suju so much wish more people still talked about them though, but I will always be an E.L.F as well
@Sammie99522 people seem to think they're too old, but big bang is about as old as them. they're just as talented as the next group. some of the most talented idols are in super junior
@Sammie99522 in my opinion